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Do you need help with your children? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated?

Don’t worry, that is all pretty normal.

No cliche has ever been more true, “Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have.”

I believe that one simple truth can help make it less frustrating, and more rewarding. Parenting is about parents.

It is a tool to help shape you into a better person.

Here are some of the ways that happens:


  • Making emotions mentionable and manageable

  • Admitting when you’re wrong

  • Modeling healthy relationships


There are also intentional things you can do for your children to grow your relationship with them:

  • Create an environment wherein your children can express himself/herself

  • Encourage your child to express his/her voice

  • Remember, disagreement does not equal disrespect


There is no such thing as one size fits all parenting. Every child is completely unique therefore he/she will have different learning styles, respond differently to consequences, and deal with adversity in ways which are diverse.

Happy Family in the Park

“The therapy was for my son and it has been extremely helpful for him. My son has opened up to us and started communicating his feelings. We also received advice on how to work with him and this has been invaluable. We feel that we are on the right track with him and we can move on as a family. I would definitely recommend Shawn as a therapist.”  S.K.

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