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Why do people get anxious, depressed, and addicted?  Why do relationships fall apart?

People are born to be great.  Everyone, at some point in his/her life, has wanted to be a hero.  This is instilled in us from birth.  So, what has happened?  The junk of life has gotten in the way.  Depression, anxiety, addictions, and everyday problems bury the greatness in each of us.

I believe that uncovering this greatness and passion in people is the key to solving many of the issues with which we all deal.  Connecting in relationship with our friends and family helps facilitate this process.  You are capable of revolutionizing your life and changing your behaviors.

As a starting point for this process, I build on the strengths and passions that already exist in individuals.  Whether individual, couple, or family a strength-based approach is what I utilize in dealing with presenting issues.

I believe that if each individual and family could mobilize this greatness that is buried within that it would revolutionize relationships across the country.  I invite you to begin this process. Call me for a free consultation at 407-796-1232.

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